These key themes and the latest scientific study results will be discussed during the leather information symposium to take place on January 21-22, 2016 in Cologne or Leverkusen, Germany. The seminar will be separated in two parts:

  • How to ensure compliance to the ZDHC’s roadmap
  • The sustainable leather preservation process, a necessary step for leather manufacturing

The target audience for the seminar includes RSL managers from brands and relevant experts from the industry. Presentations and information will be led by Lanxess and CADS.

As a leading chemical supplier, Lanxess strongly supports the initiative and aims at proposing a “white list concept” for chemicals as well as a reasonable testing and certification scenario. It also notes that as these “restrictive” and “controlled” areas expand a full understanding of the chemistry involved becomes more important.

The topic of leather preservation, wet-blue and wet-white, will be discussed in full, including the mechanism and risk of different materials, reasonable limits and testing methods for preservation as well as regulatory restrictions and safe methods to comply with the limits. The position taken by the textile industry has made things difficult for the leather industry in this regard.

Founded in 2007, CADS is a co-operation under the umbrella of the German Shoe Institute, consisting of more than 60 well-known companies in the shoe, leather and textile industry. It focuses on the controversial topic pollutants in footwear and leather goods and aims at creating and disseminating knowledge for the production and marketing of non -polluting, footwear materials.

At this stage the organisers are seeking indications of interest for this event.

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