Novelties to be presented by the Germany headquartered chemical supplier at IILF include technology to increase the efficiency of beamhouse operations processes that enable the reduction of basic chemicals and the pollution of wastewater. “Thanks to our process based on Peltec C and Blancorol HP, which has been specially developed for India, we can significantly reduce the amount of total dissolved solids and achieve high-quality leather at the same time”, said Dr Thomas Brackemeyer, responsible for the Global Organic Leather Chemicals Business, Lanxess Leather Business Unit. According to the supplier, Peltec X-Zyme SN, a newly developed soaking enzyme, can improve the COD (chemical oxygen demand) value considerably since the product does not exhibit any proteolytic activity, and does not affect the collagen itself and, therefore, is also safe to use in a longer soaking process.

A new brochure that also contains information about recent developments including Tanigan UW, Tanigan 3LF liquid, and Tanigan FT has been created to provide information about the latest “made in Germany” syntans. According to Lanxess, leather goods that are manufactured using its syntans are typically characterised by excellent heat resistance, high light fastness and good fullness. A patent application has been submitted for Tangian HS, which is a light and heat-resistant, synthetic replacement tanning agent for the tanning and retanning of very full, soft, and almost white leather with a smooth grain. Due to its high tanning effect, this product is ideal for chromium-free and organic tanning systems such as the X-Tan process technology.

Levotan AM is a new amphoteric retanning agent that reduces dye consumption and increases the fixation of other additives, thereby reducing chemical oxygen demand by approximately 40% to 50%, while Levotan WS is a new, innovative, full polymer-based waterproofing agent, which ensures high-performance waterproofing. It can be used together with the Levotan WRP and Levotan XB polymers.

Specialties for manufacturing leather for the automotive industry include Aquaderm XL 1010, one of the latest innovations from Lanxess in the field of polyisocyanate crosslinkers, the Primal Fleshcoat AR-2 Emulsion that allows further reductions in emissions and brings volatile compounds down to a minimum, and the Aquaderm Fluid E; a new addition to the supplier’s range of flow control agents and which has a high leveling effect. Also on display, the Aquaderm Additive XF is a highly concentrated, BTEX-free, high-performance silicone emulsion that meets the toughest standards for the mechanical properties of leather such as abrasion resistance.