Jeanologia will be located in Hall 18, booth G45 showing its new technology at the fair in Milan between February 25-27 highlighting technical innovations for the manufacturing processes of shoes and leather goods.

Laser Furia is specially designed to work on footwear and leather goods materials. It designs and cuts most materials and is able to apply the marking and cutting on shoe uppers, linings, insoles, outsoles, heels, belts, bags, etc.

The R&D team of Jeanologia aims to reduce manufacturing costs and make it more efficient for its customers production in the footwear and leather goods industries using technologies that respect the environment.

The project manager, Jesús García-Cascón, highlights that “Laser Furia minimises production time because, among other things, its eMark software and automation are developed for design as well as large productions. Laser Furia can mark outsoles in 2 seconds or cut a pair of shoe uppers between 12-22 seconds. The increase in productivity and competitiveness allows a quick return on investment”.

The Furia galvanometric laser is a laser with a single motion system mirrors, which mark the leather at record speeds. It also incorporates a 3D system that defines a unique quality spot in all the marked areas.

It is a fully automatic technology thanks to advanced eMark software developed by the engineering team of Jeanologia during the last 15 years from its office in Spain.

Jeanologia will be giving live demos of the Furia laser cutting equipment from its stand at Simac Tanning-Tech.