A former marine, Ellis began his leather career in Johnstown, New York. During the 1990s, he joined United States Leather as a Technician in the creation of automotive upholstery leathers. For the last 22 years, he served as the Technical Director for Seidel Tanning Corporation and Law Tanning Company, producing top grain and split leather for U.S. manufacturers.  

Richard has brought Law Tanning’s control of formulations into the 21st century. His sense of organisation and attention to detail in approaching the design of leather chemistry is most impressive and his services will be missed”, said Ryan Law, President, Law Tanning. “He has changed Law Tanning’s quality control processes for the better in a very short period of time. The positive effects of his work here will leave a mark for many years to come. 

Ellis (67) is open to consulting, but is looking forward to spending much of his free time with friends and family.

Earlier in July, the U.S. tanner announced the appointment of Whitney Tinsley as Vice President of Product Development and Marketing. Read more here.