Administered by the International Union Research Commission (IUR), led by Dr Luis Zugno, this will be the third consecutive year that IULTCS awards a grant to a young research scientist, but the first time it is sponsored by Lear.

The monetary sponsorship is given to a young leather scientist, under the age of 30, for a worthwhile leather research project to be conducted at a recognised institution. For the upcoming grant, an increased award of €1500 will be paid as a single sum to the young leather scientist that submits the winning proposal.

“We are very proud to sponsor the grant, which has the objective of encouraging new scientists in the development of chemistry, science and technology of leather”, said Nathan Mullinix, Vice President of Global R&D for Eagle Ottawa, the tannery division of Lear Corporation.

The submission deadline for the grant is October 28, 2016. For more information: