Battistin’s presentation, ‘Scenarios – Leather for the automotive of the future’, will explore new trends in automotive interiors, in particular in terms of style, technology and sustainability parameters, and introduce the tannery’s latest auto leather developments which blend built-to-last performance with the natural, authentic touch of leather. The presentation will also explore increasingly important properties of auto leather, such as durability, lightweight and hygiene considerations. Finally, Battistin will also share efficiency processes in leather production as well as insights into lifecycle assessments of the company’s automotive leathers.

Lucia Battistin

About Lucia Battistin
Lucia Battistin is Business Developer at Italy headquartered Gruppo Dani, responsible for promoting business growth through market forecasting and the acquisition of new business opportunities in Automotive and Industrial Design. She joined Gruppo Dani in 2019, having worked in Sales and Communications roles for a diversity of corporations from fashion and jewellery to energy. She holds a Master’s degree in Languages for Communication in Commerce from the University of Verona, which she obtained in 2013.

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Sponsored by chemical specialist Zschimmer & Schwarz, the webinar is open to any company or professional individual connected to the leather supply chain, from meat processors and raw materials traders to leather manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers and leather using brands, retailers and OEMs.