“I believe leather goods is going to become one of our biggest categories,” he said in an interview with the media outlet.

This follows the launches of new leather goods collections by the brand, including its first from Artistic Director Marco Tomasetta, Meisterstück, as well as the latest launch, Extreme 3.0, a “revamp” of Montblanc’s signature collection comprising 31 pieces including leather goods.

Anita Balchandani, Partner and Head of Luxury at management consultancy McKinsey & Co, told Vogue Business: “Brands with history, heritage, provenance, authenticity, do resonate with younger consumers. However, [brands] have to deliver a product that fits into their lifestyle and their ethos… It’s about listening to where this younger consumer is going.”

She explained that leather goods are also one of the most investable areas for luxury brands, and a significant revenue driver, which is why so many brands are pivoting into this category, including Bulgari and Cartier.

Source: Vogue Business