Leather Naturally has announced that BADER Leather, Wolverine, Kuo Yuen Tannery, AI Topper and University of Northampton joined the initiative in June to support its actions and promote leather globally.

Sylvain Bussiere, Managing Director, Wolverine Leathers, a division of Wolverine Worldwide Inc, said “Wolverine Leathers sees leather making as an industrious craft, the integrity of the leather goes through the passion to craft it, some continuous education to provide to the end consumer. The leather industry must embrace all initiatives promoting ethicality through the production of a true sustainable product.”

Micaela Topper from AI Topper-Australia shares the view that the industry needs to embrace the opportunity to responsibly promote leather collectively. “We see the social license landscape of the leather industry as changing rapidly with the growth of the ‘sustainable fashion’ movement and a generational shift in thinking towards eco-consumerism across all purchasing behaviours. We believe that now is a critical juncture at which we, as an industry, have the opportunity and a collective responsibility to promote leather as an ethical and sustainable natural resource”.

Rachel Garwood, Director, Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT) of the University of Northampton, said the institute looks forward “to working with and supporting the Leather Naturally initiative in raising the profile of leather both as a luxury material and exciting career choice”.

“Leather Naturally is preparing a promotional plan to present to the industry for support. For maximum exposure and effect, it will be important that we closely work together with national leather organisations and make use of each other’s contacts and in-depth knowledge of local markets”, said Mike Redwood, spokesperson for Leather Naturally.