LN’s new membership fee model will start with an annual fee of US$250 for entrepreneurs, US$500 for companies with turnovers up to US$5 million, and US$1,000 for companies whose turnover does not exceed US$10 million. The existing fee of US$2,000 for companies with more than US$10 million in turnover remains the same. “The leather industry is facing huge image challenges and it is crucial that the companies in the industry, be it big or small, support Leather Naturally through membership to educate and promote leather”, said Jon Clark, CEO of PrimeAsia, who is currently Chairing the LN Supervisory Council.

LN said its membership base has grown from 27 to 140 members in the last three years and that a growing membership “is necessary to create a stronger and united industry approach to educate and promote leather to influencers, designers, brands and consumers”.