Responses to recent comments by car makers Tesla and Land Rover along with recent misleading articles in the Huffington Post and from a recent report from the synthetic industry have all been addressed by the pro-leather campaign. A copy of the full responses can be found on the Leather Naturally website.

An article published on August 17 in the Huffpost titled “Why vegan leather is on the rise” has been addressed by Leather Naturally who have highlighted some misleading and extremely poor journalism in the article.

The stakeholder group, which includes several leading industry companies, has also responded to a misleading article about ‘synthetic leather’ recently published in Footwear News where some of the misconceptions about leather were addressed.

Leather Naturally hosted a drinks reception for stakeholders during the ACLE show in Shanghai on August 31. “Leather Naturally is building momentum in the industry to combat a lot of fake news about the industry in the press. The vegan lobby is pushing the untrue line that animals are killed for the leather and this is totally false. Leather Naturally is now beginning to act upon this misleading information by redressing the inaccurate reporting”, said Egbert Dikkers, Chairman of the Leather Naturally steering committee. “We have to focus on the true facts about genuinely made leather and repel mainstream and social media reports that create a negative image to the consumer about leather”, he added.

Leather Naturally has been formed to fight back against misleading trade descriptions and promote and protect genuine leather from untrue and misleading claims against it.

Leather Naturally is non-partisan and neutral and all representatives of the leather supply chain are free to join. 

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