Leather Naturally! campaign co-ordinator, Mike Redwood said that he would be meeting with NGO’s during the fair to clarify the position of the industry and explain the “real facts”. “We have come to realise that the underlying arguments of pressure groups such as Peta are not strong but they are being picked up by other NGO’s and reported as facts. I will be talking to some NGO’s such as China Water Risk and will explain our position. It is time that we were bold and went on the offensive”, says Redwood.

Leather Naturally! organised a series of presentations at the “Leather Club” on April 1 of the APLF this year bringing together designers, consultants and tanners as well as a round table event which brought together various members of the supply chain to discuss issues facing the sector. General and basic information about leather was also handed out to visitors attending the seminars or visiting the Leather Club during the fair.

Leather Naturally! is a multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to bring together the whole industry. In 2014 they have taken on Peta following their illogical and extreme attack on UGG boots making claims of animal welfare abuses by the company with little regard for any accuracy or truth to the actual situation.

The UGG boot attack highlights that the brand “leather” continues to be damaged by weak and unscrupulous aspects of the industry. Leather Naturally! is keen to support all industry trade bodies in fighting illegal activities which often slide in animal cruelty and mislabelling of raw material which has a financial and reputational harm it does to the brands that buy leather and gives ammunition to organisations such as Peta to attack high quality leather.

For more information or to join Leather Naturally! email info@leathernaturally.org or visit www.leathernaturally.orgĀ