The cocktail will be held on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 from 4pm to 5pm at the Leather Naturally Lounge of the Hong Kong Convention Centre.

The current steering committee of Leather Naturally includes Mike Redwood, LN Spokesperson; Reg Hankey, CEO, Pittards; Jon Clark, CEO, PrimeAsia; Michael Duck, APLF Ltd.; Perrine Ardouin, Director, APLF Ltd;
Egbert Dikkers, Leader Innovation & Sustainability, Smit & zoon; Debbie Burton, Director of Marketing, Pittards; Sarah Swenson, Environmental Manager, PrimeAsia; and Fernando Bellese, Marketing and Sustainability Manager, JBS.

The Leather Naturally! initiative is aimed to counteract theĀ intense competition from synthetic materials manufactured from non-biodegradable petrochemical derivatives that are designed to imitate leather. It aims to highlight the natural beauty of leather and, more importantly, to educate the buying public, designers and youth about leather and the leather industry.

Current members from the leather supply chain include Stahl, Lanxess, Heller Leder, Gaitonde, Buckman, SilvaTeam, Forestal Mimosa and Tanac.