Leather Naturally has announced that companies in the leather chemicals segment as well as tanners, manufacturers of tannery machinery, meat processors, producers of leather goods and media partners are among those in the leather supply chain who have committed to Metcha and believe in the benefit for the promotion of leather and the leather industry.

Leather Naturally said in a statement; “so far this is excellent progress and makes us fully confident that we will manage to double this figure by the end of January 2021 and thanks to all of those businesses that have confirmed their donation and thank you for believing in Metcha.”

The industry promotional campaign is appealing to undecided as well as new companies who for one reason or another have not yet confirmed their cooperation with the campaign and invite them to join. “We have had a particularly difficult year because of the pandemic and so we are especially grateful for the effort you will make” state Leather Naturally. A QR code has been provided for anyone wishing to donate.

Leather Naturally promotes the use of globally manufactured sustainable leather. Its website www.leathernaturally.org is a key resource for information about modern leather manufacturing and the part it plays in a more sustainable society. Metcha aims to directly target the younger generation of consumers about the benefits of leather in a wide range of finished product applications.