Pulcra Chemicals, Siddiq Shafi Group, BLeather, Leathermex, and Hermann Oak Leather are all now members of the Leather Naturally. “We are very excited about joining Leather Naturally since we believe in Leather as a traditional material which can fit perfectly with all contemporary requirements of sustainability”, said Dr Ivo Reetz, R&D Manager Leather, Pulcra Chemicals.

Tom Eberle, General Manager, Hermann Oak Leather said the U.S. tanner “is in agreement with Leather Naturally’s purpose and values”, while Muhammad Musaddiq, Chairman, Siddiq Shafi Group, highlighted the importance of the work done by the Association as oil-based industries have significant budgets to promote materials that can replace leather, and the NGO’s “have to be informed by Leather Naturally that tanners are doing a big service to the world’s environment by converting raw hide and skins into a valuable material for useful consumption”.

Leather Naturally, which now has about 60 members, promotes the use of globally-manufactured sustainable leather and seeks to inspire and inform designers, creators, and consumers about its beauty, quality and versatility. Members companies and organisations include tanneries, leather chemical manufacturers and brands.