ILM will provide some background and context to this topic and will highlight some best practice and best available technologies in this area during the webinar. This will be supported by information from Stahl and Lectra, following the supply chain from farm to finished leather product.

In the second part of the webinar, Michael Costello, Sustainability Director for global leather chemicals suppliers Stahl will outline the company’s policy in this area and will provide more details about a project it was involved with called ReVeal.

In the third part of the webinar, Steve Signorelli, Solution Consultant- Manufacturing from the France based leather cutting system provider Lectra will outline how the company’s technology can be used to trace cuts parts through the supply chain for a wide range of end-user applications such as automotive and furniture upholstery, leather goods, footwear and garment.

The webinar is co-sponsored by Stahl and Lectra. Participation is subject to approval and spaces are limited. 

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