Laura Mylius-Prou, Marketing Project Manager, Fashion & Apparel, Lectra, will talk about the leather goods market and explain how innovation has allowed Lectra to make this market more sustainable. She will give an outlook of the market for leather goods, the economic influences as well as the social changes that are affecting and reshaping this industry for brands, retailers and suppliers alike.

The presentation will include a filmed interview of Leather Expert and Business Developer, Christophe Gaysse, illustrating the challenges associated with cutting leather for leather goods and clear examples of how innovative technology is responding to these challenges.

Mylius-Prou will also talk about the benefits of using advanced technology, along with expertise and proven methodology, to support change management and allow the industry to implement new viable processes and cut down on leather waste. The highlight of this presentation will be the unveiling of VersalisFashion, an advanced technology developed with a leading luxury brand specifically for this industry, and will include a testimonial from Orobianco, an Italian leather goods brand and manufacturer, using VersalisFashion.

For a full agenda and registration please click here. For more information please contact Deborah Taylor: or call +44 (0)1604 679 940.

The conference is co-organised by BLC Leather Technology Centre and ILM, and is sponsored by Stahl and Lectra.