Launched under the banner of “Real Leather. Stay Different.”, LHCA said the campaign will feature three videos and social shorts looking at nature and sustainability, the importance of sourcing quality leather and leather in fashion.  With a focus on the next generation of consumers, the campaign is to be promoted entirely through social channels, including WeChat and Weibo in China, and Instagram and Facebook globally. 

“As one of the leading markets for U.S. leather, China was chosen as the location for the video shoot. U.S. leather is preferred by the Chinese fashion and design industry for its consistency and impeccable quality, for its sourcing guarantees and for the U.S. industry’s exceptional standards in environmental management and material production”, said LHCA.  

Seeking to showcase leather as the material of choice for artisans and craftsmen, the first video of the campaign features a bespoke shoemaker in Shanghai and leather fashion on the streets. To watch the video, please click here