Shaikh assured PTA members that the KWSB would provide 0.5 million gallons water through tankers to keep the wheels of export-oriented leather industry moving. When the members of PTA asked KWSB if they had laid a 32-inch pipeline from its main water trunk to the Sector 7-A. The pipe is due to supply up to three million gallons of water per day and they asked Shaikh if the work had been completed with the special fund of Rs44.5 million ($414,000) which had been promised. Qutubuddin Shaikh expressed his lack of knowledge about the pipeline. 
He said he would look into the matter and arrangements would be made to release a quota of water allocated to the leather industry. He said that approval from Chief Minister for the project of R/O (reverse osmosis) plants is awaiting and they would be installed near the Malir River in order to provide the remaining two million gallon quota of water to the Sector 7-A.

Fawad Jawed said that despite peak season for the Pakistan tanning industry, in which tons of hides and skins collected during Eid-ul-Azha are stored in hundreds of factories, there is no water available for processing. He informed that the only source of water to the tanneries was from the hydrants in the area, which have been closed down. Gulzar Firoz expressed his dismay over the non-release of water into the newly laid pipeline despite the clear orders from senior political figures.

Source: Business Recorder