The event will take place at Fiera Milano Rho from September 19-21, 2023, and the new talks will involve more than 30 academic and corporate speakers.

The talks will explore five themes: “Our Common Future”, “The World of Trends”, “Eco-Design Solutions”, “Neutral Supply Chains” and the “Circular Economy”.

Additionally, there will be five workshops held over the three days of the show: “The Evolution of the World – What’s Ahead”; “The New Supply Chain Relationships”; “The Role of Designers in the Roadmap for the Future”; “The Leather Case and Circularity”; and “The Role of Materials in the Race for Neutrality”.

Lineapelle CEO Fulvia Bacchi said: “We felt it necessary to give life to this project in the light of the evolution of new regulations and legislation awaiting approval that will have a substantial impact on the management of the tanning business and, more generally, on the green transition of the fashion, luxury, and design industries.

“Sectors under great pressure in relation to the value of their sustainable approach. This is why we believe that an event such as the Science-Based Fashion Talks can offer important analysis tools together with concrete and authoritative answers.”