The three workshop-schools established by Longchamp in France select their trainees regardless of educational qualifications or age. “What matters is the motivation and the well-being of the candidates. Some are in personal or professional failure, everyone is entitled to their luck”, David Burgel, Industrial Director, Longchamp, told local media Paris Match. However, recruitment is strict; it follows a letter of motivation and numerous meetings with the teams. The label offers three months of training and six months of tutoring at its workshops. By creating these schools, Longchamp says it perpetuates its know-how, maintains the excellence of its workshops and keeps its manufacture in France. So far, it has hired 150 people. 

“Leather is the perfect gesture, the extreme precision”, said one of the tutors who has been working at Longchamp for 41 years. “When you work on fabric, you can do it again, it does not show up. On the leather, it is difficult because once material is stitched you cannot start over.” Of the 800 Longchamp employees, between 30 and 60 retire each year and need to be replaced. Most of the students are aged between 25 and 50 years-old.

In 2016, Longchamp’s revenue in France exceeded €3 billion, against €1.8 billion in 2010. In September, the French leather goods label opened its sixth manufacturing site in France, “bigger, more modern and better served in terms of roads to facilitate recruiting”. Read more here.

Source: Paris Match