One production site is expected to be inaugurated in the Vendée region by July 2018 and another in Maine-et-Loire in early 2019. A third workshop is also expected to be opened in late 2019, according to Emmanuel Matthieu, Industrial Director, Louis Vuitton.

The luxury brand is to hire 500 people for two sites in located in western France, bringing its staff of leather goods specialists to around 4,000. Louis Vuitton, which claims it makes the majority of its leather goods products in home market France, announced last year its intention to open a third production site in the U.S., in Texas. The brand also has workshops in Spain, Portugal and Romania.

According to Matthieu, the production sites are modernising to respond quickly to the success of a particular model. He says inventories are particularly low and advanced logistics can deliver a store in two or three days. Louis Vuitton is also said to be looking to cut lead times to keep up with sales trends and to aim to deliver handbags within a week of internal orders coming in, down from the current two weeks.

Rival Hermès is also due to open several new workshops by 2020. Read more here.

Sources: Reuters/ Bourse Direct