To be held October 12-14, the principle behind “Les Journées Particulières” is to give a broad and diversified public a chance to “step inside” and discover what makes LVMH Maisons, some of them centuries old, so unique and exceptional. Innovative tours of each venue have been conceived by the host Maisons themselves. This fourth edition will “emphasise experiences, interaction and surprises”, as well as meetings between the public and LVMH artisans and creative talents.

LVMH says each programme has been designed “to ensure a sensory and immersive experience” during which visitors will meet the talents and trades of each Maison, from bootmakers and watchmakers to cellar masters and malletiers. A wide range of do-it-yourself workshops run by craftsmen and exclusive master classes with LVMH Group experts, designers and key art figures are scheduled.

The programme includes a tour of Louis Vuitton’s leather goods workshop in Normandy, the label’s prototype workshop in Paris, as well as the historic family house located in the outskirts of Paris. Louis Vuitton’s Fiesso D’Artico shoe manufacture, which simultaneously consists of a workshop, art gallery and training centre on the bank of the River Brenta between Padua and Venice, Italy, will also open its doors. Berlutti’s made-to-measure workshop in Paris will reveal the backstage the savoir-faire of its craftsmen and master bootmakers who patiently create exceptional shoes. Visitors will be able to have a glimpse of Nicolas Kirkwood’s work in leather accessories and footwear at the designer’s studio in London. Going upstream in the leather supply chain, Tanneries Roux, founded in 1803 and specialised in calf leather, will welcome visitors during the event.