Five years after the signature of the Paris Agreement, the LVMH Group is holding the LVMH Climate Week. The week-long online event invites the Group’s 160,000 employees to share the priorities of the new LIFE 360 programme, setting an ambitious environmental roadmap for the coming three, six and ten years. The luxury Group said it has achieved or exceeded the targets set for 2020 within the scope of its LIFE 2020 policy, and is now ready to pursue even more ambitious environmental goals. “This mobilisation is natural for a Group whose business model is anchored in the long-term quality of its products and in local production that draws on exceptional skills”, said LVMH. “Climate change concerns everyone. As the world leader in luxury whose businesses depend directly on nature, LVMH is on the front lines of this challenge and has special responsibility to deliver exemplary performance in mitigating the impact of its activities on the environment”, it added.

The agenda includes 12 focus sessions with guests including several Creative Directors of LVMH Maisons, along with senior executives and staff members, all centered on concrete solutions that allow everyone to actively contribute to sustainable luxury. The precise targets are to be announced in 2021 with the launch of the new LIFE 360 programme and its four pillars: climate, biodiversity, creative circularity and transparency. LVMH said the programme will provide a roadmap that allows the Group to align with the trajectory for 2030 set by the Paris Agreement, based on scientifically validated assessments. The plan will establish new climate targets for LVMH, notably using 100% renewable energy at all Group sites and eliminating fossil-based virgin plastic in packaging by 2026.