The 2023 edition of the event took place on October 17 at the Salle Pleyel and was attended by 1,400 people.

LVMH now has 69 initial training programs and 288 continuing education programs around the world as part of the program and, since its launch, has provided an intro to crafts for more than 3,090 middle-school students in 118 sessions in France, Italy, Spain and the U.S..

Additionally, the 288 continuing education programs reportedly enabled more than 30,000 employees to develop their skills in the last year.

The company also celebrated that more than 2,700 apprentices have completed training at the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence since its creation in 2014, with a diploma success rate of 88% and a job placement rate of 78% in France.

At the event, LVMH unveiled the next evolution of Métiers d’Excellence; the construction of the Maison des Métiers d’Excellence in Paris, which will be both a showcase of its artisan skills and a training space.

The site will open at the end of 2025 and will include space for training, exchange, and creativity for its in-house talents as well as a café, a meeting space, a library, and hands-on craft workshops for the general public.

Chantal Gaemperle, Director of Human Resources & Synergies at LVMH, said: “We were pioneers in the recognition of skilled trades with the creation of the Institut Métiers d’Excellence nearly 10 years ago. Today, our Métiers d’Excellence program makes us one of the world’s leading know-how transmission ecosystems. So, we needed a physical location to match this ambition. LVMH remains a place of permanent learning, and we are working to build career paths throughout our employees’ professional lives.”