The event “Discover the leather goods professions” will be hosted by Fabrice Lundy from Classic Radio and include guests Quentin Brenier (Flexible Materials Training Advisor at The Compagnons du Devoir and the Tour de France), Floriane Couillard (Industrial & Supply Chain Training Manager at Louis Vuitton) and Emmanuelle Siret (Referent of the School of Know-How at Louis Vuitton).

This virtual fair provides opportunities to dialogue with experts from LVMH Maisons and partner schools and prepare for key steps in the recruitment process. Gauthier Belot, Alternate in Leather Goods at Louis Vuitton and Les Compagnons du Devoir and the Tour de France, will present in the “Discover the know-how professions at LVMH” event.

Participants take part in live discussions with current apprentices, tutors and recruiters at LVMH Maisons, as well as experts from partner schools and universities.

Interested participants can apply for over 400 work-study contracts in these Métiers d’Excellence, spanning creative, craft and retail skills.

The digital platform will remain online for a month.