The new facility, outfitted with the latest reactor vessels and additional bulk storage tanks, will enable ISO 9001:2008 certified Marden-Wild, to double its’ current manufacturing output from July 2015. The expansion will also allow Marden-Wild to produce products more efficiently and streamline its processes, adding several long-term job opportunities at the Amherst facility.

The more productive facility will also enable the company to further diversify its product line, while continuing to deliver quality customer service and technical support to domestic and international clients.

The expansion further allows Tannin Corporation/Marden-Wild better access to the local raw materials as well as having access to the excellent deep-water port of Halifax.

As its global markets expand, Tannin Corporation/Marden-Wild understand that continuing innovation is critical to their ongoing success.

“Marden-Wild has made its mark on the leather industry by creating quality, customised oils and waxes for clientele around the world,” Cumberland Colchester Musquodoboit Valley MP, Scott Armstrong said December 30. “Their high standards, matched with modernised facilities, will create new jobs and economic opportunities here in Amherst.”

Marden-Wild is the only tanning oil manufacturer for leather goods in Canada and is one of the largest producers in North America, exporting to 28 countries with the main focus being the United States, Mexico, China, India and Central America.

The company has been located in the province for 75 years, but moved to Amherst in the mid-1960s when the land on which its facility stood was expropriated to build the MacKay Bridge in Halifax.

The company came to Nova Scotia from Boston to source fish oils, soybeans and other raw materials to make their tanning oils, fatliquors and waxes for use in the leather industry.

The Government of Canada is pleased to assist Marden-Wild to expand and modernise its manufacturing facility with a $250,000 repayable contribution through ACOA’s Business Development Program.