Mango’s website now lists the Tier-1 factories that have produced for the brand in the current year 2020. “Within Mango’s commitment to sustainability, it is essential to establish responsible management of our supply chain which, together with the participation of certain stakeholders, contributes to transparency and is the key for the due diligence towards our suppliers. We prioritise a trustful relationship with them, ensuring that they are aligned with our own commitments and helping to ensure the human rights of workers and strengthen the textile industry globally”, said Mango.

The company said its actions respond to the commitment acquired with CCOO Industry in the “Global Bilateral Agreement to guarantee international standards in Mango’s supply chain” and to the requirements of the Transparency Pledge Standard, which urges brands to make public the name, address and other details of the production factories. Mango said it does not own any factories and none of them work exclusively for its organisation. As some of the Tier-1 suppliers could be used discontinuously in time, depending on the characteristics of the product, the list is to be updated at least twice a year.