On September 3, Marfrig announced Eduardo Miron as its new Chief Executive Officer, replacing Martín Secco who headed the Company since 2015. “The choice of Eduardo Miron as CEO underlines our commitment to a financially and operationally sustainable Marfrig. Miron was at the forefront of the company’s most recent strategic operations:  the acquisition of controlling interest in National Beef and the divestment of Keystone. These transactions have transformed Marfrig into a simpler company focused on beef and supported by a global production and distribution platform”, said Marcos Molina dos Santos, controlling shareholder and Chairman of the Board.

Miron joined Marfrig in 2010 and, since 2016, has been the Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer while also serving as the Chief Financial Officer of Keystone Foods in the U.S.. Before joining Marfrig, he worked for ten years at Grupo Safra and for more than two decades at U.S. based Cargill.

The meatpacker also announced that Marfrig will now comprise two operations; ‘South America’ for the operations in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile; and ‘North America’, which consists of the operations of National Beef and the beef patty plant in North Baltimore. New key management appointments were announced for each structure, as well as a new corporate Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer.

On the same day, BRF announced the hiring and election of executives to the positions of Chief Financial & Investor Relations Officer, Integrated Planning Officer and Strategy, Management & Innovation Officer, as part of the ongoing process to “strengthen its organisational structure”.