While no one is doubting its future longevity, our industry has recently come under criticism from different groups (lobbyists representing leather alternatives, environmentalists, end-customers demanding more transparency, etc.) that have diminished the demand for leather products and its derivatives.

At the same time, the hide and leather industry has also experienced substantial disruptions on the supply side due to the ongoing global pandemic, lack of adequate information and inefficient communication channels. Consequently, as profit margins have been squeezed, many industry players have decided to slash their capital expenditure and marketing budgets, including on IT, thus further exacerbating these problems.

However, affordable technological advancements have emerged that will drive the industry’s recovery and will allow it to prosper.

HIDEXE has created a cloud-based transactional software and procurement suite that significantly improves digital engagement, mobility, and connectivity of various industry players. HIDEXE’s software-as-a-service (H-SaaS) allows users to affordably and efficiently manage their supply chain 24/7, serve their customers, accelerate their transactions and improve their better bottom line.

H-SaaS significantly improves supply chain visibility by enabling various industry players to access real-time data related to product inventory, order process, delivery and potential supply chain disruptions.

Since lack of B2B transaction and inventory visibility remains a significant challenge, HIDEXE has developed a number of real-time, encrypted tools that provide valuable and private insights to the industry participants, from the HIDEXE Chat, to traceable and cost-efficient standardized transactions adopted to the 21st century (HIDEXE Transactions).

More recently, we have also started to perfect our NHQ (Numeric Hide Quality) tools, which can objectively determine the quality of each hide, skin and leather using our patented software with an exceptionally high level of accuracy.

Needless to say, data-driven insights can uncover opportunities to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. HIDEXE can also help you to securely share real-time visibility information to your trading partners, suppliers and customers — while enabling traceability and ensuring authenticity.

HIDEXE continues to invest and develop a number of new innovations that will drive positive change in our industry.

*This article is an advertorial provided by Hidexe