Mercedes-Benz Cars sales reached 463,000 units (-8%) in the first quarter, with solid results in all regions except Asia where model change effects and supply chain bottlenecks had a strong temporary impact on Q1 sales. The sales decline in China was mainly driven by the ongoing ramp-up of its top-selling E-Class long-wheelbase model which is expected to see sales accelerate in the upcoming quarters.

Demand for plug-in hybrid vehicles resulted in a 6% sales rise in the first three months, while global battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales of Mercedes-Benz Cars reached 47,500 units (-8%) in the first quarter, as the smart fortwo reached the end of its lifecycle (-30%). Overall, electric vehicles accounted for 10% of total Q1 Mercedes-Benz Cars sales and 19% including plug-in-hybrids.

The availability of high-end products was constrained during the quarter, mainly by the model changeovers of the G-Class and Mercedes-AMG derivatives of the E-Class and GLC as well as supply-chain bottlenecks. In 2024, Mercedes-Benz will present twelve what it calls top-end vehicles, including eight Mercedes-AMG models and the world premiere of the electric G. The EQS sedan will receive an extensive update with extended range to more than 800km, executive rear seats. The S-Class remains the undisputed leader in its segment in all key regions.

Q1 sales in the Core segment increased by 8%, driven by strong growth of the GLC as parts availability for the model increased. The availability of parts is expected to further improve in the upcoming months.

In China, the ramp-up of the locally produced long-wheelbase E-Class is on track, while sales for the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class remain strong (+13%) and Mercedes-Benz continues to be first choice among customers in the segment priced over RMB1 million (US$138,000).

In Germany, Mercedes-Benz remains market leader in the premium segment in Q1. However, consumer demand for BEVs slowed following the abrupt end of a tax incentive. In the U.S. market, sales went up 3% driven by an improved availability of the GLC.