After receiving confirmations of donations for the Metcha campaign exceeding US$700,000 in December 2020, Leather Naturally has announced that it is now approaching the US$1 million mark, thanks to an ever-growing list of campaign supporters. “This new fundraising level will allow Leather Naturally to carry on the project without interruptions while continuing the fundraising efforts to raise the outstanding resources to execute all the new plans developed for the second phase of the campaign”, said the association.

The list of donors include A+B Hides, Americana de Curtidos, ARC Chemicals, ATC, Bauce, BLC, Buckman, Casino, Chemtan, Crest Leathers, EMAG, GST Auto Leather, Heller Leder, Hüni Process Controls, ISA TanTec, JBS, LANXESS, Leather and Hide Council of America (LHCA), Minerva, Modern Office for Agencies, National Beef, NTE Company, Oukro, Pittards, PrimeAsia, Quimica Internacional para El Curtido, Sadesa, Scottish Leather, Silvateam, Smit & Zoon, Stahl, TFL, Trumpler, Unpac, and Zschimmer & Schwarz.