Designed as a content-based campaign, Metcha’s aim is to make leather part of the everyday journey of Gen Z and Millennials through multiple channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, WeChat and Twitter. In its first year alone, Metcha has reached a total audience of more than two million people worldwide. The campaign’s own website has registered over 3.4 million sessions, while the Instagram account has 238,000 followers. Combined with Facebook, Metcha’s content has organically reached more than eight million people across both platforms. Overall, three million interactions have been registered on the social media channels.

“One of the project’s major goals is to establish a strong and strategic network of key players and professionals for the leather industry; designers, brands, influential trendsetters. The people who are shaping the world of today and tomorrow”, said the campaign’s officials, adding that during Metcha’s first year, they have put into motion 30 leather brand collaborations and built a connection with names such as Oliviero Toscani, Stefan Sagmeister, Jeff Staple, The Shoe Surgeon, Killspencer, Rhett Baruch and Kevin Concepts.