In November, Guanajuato state’s Governor Miguel Márquez confirmed his commitment to promote the international positioning of the region’s footwear brands. The ‘International Plan’ created by the Guanajuato’s Chamber for the Footwear Industry (CICEG) began to operate this year with the support of Mexico’s Department of Foreign Trade. “I have no doubt that León will continue to be the footwear capital of the world, and will continue to be a great area of ​​opportunity and development for the coming years. We have reached a great agreement with them to continue supporting this matter”, Márquez told local media.

The plan includes production development, opening new markets, sales, product maintenance and brands positioning. Currently, the Guanajuato brands are well present in the in Latin American market but the aim is to penetrate the Italian market and the rest of the world in the medium-term.  

By June 2018, under the project, a group of León-based footwear manufacturers are expected to manufacture 250,000 pairs worth US$5 million for the international fashion brand Kenneth Cole. Several models of the brand owned by the designer of the same name are said to be currently produced in China and marketed in the U.S. The objective of the platform is to promote a new generation of Mexican footwear, with the support of Italian firm Matori and U.S. based marketing intelligence CBS.

González García from CICEG, which has around 340 members, said the sector would not lower its guard and will continue to open international markets, with the support of Guanajuato state’s government, through campaigns and product exports.

Sources: Mexicoxport/Noticias Guanajuato