20,802 foreign visitors from 138 countries attended MICAM, up from 20,584 in September 2012, out of a total of 38,621 attendees (41,085 in September 2012). The average daily attendance was approximately 12,000 visitors in the first three days of the event is significant – it is a sign of how participation in the event is spread over several days with a high retention rate say the show organisers.

“This edition’s results, mainly due to exports, demonstrate how Micam remains a point of reference for the international footwear fashion system, as well as being a key event for exhibitors and buyers,” said Cleto Sagripanti, president of Assocalzaturifici. “We want to take our format around the world and turn Micam into a large global project, in which individual events do not change their specific details but are part of a single strategy.”

We’re ending this edition of Micam with optimism and satisfaction, with 2014 events already being planned,” said Sagripanti. “The event will take place again in the second half of the year, from August 31 to September 3. We are ready to face the significant challenge that awaits us in August 2014 in moving the exhibition’s date forward, feeling sure that our repositioning and international strategy will be a winning formula for companies, the real key players at Micam.”