Mindhive said its Demobot is designed to present the accuracy of Model V Grading in a compact format that is both engaging and informative. The Grading Demobot scans a piece of leather and displays any feature, defect and mark instantly on the screen. “We expect that those who see what the software can do, will see its value in improving speed and accuracy in materials grading, and the opportunities for optimising production”, said the company, which developed a wet-blue hide grading solution using machine vision and AI technology.

The technology has already been deployed at tanneries in New Zealand, and Mindhive is now developing similar solutions for raw hides and finished leather, ambitious to help tanneries grade at any stage of the tanning process. These are expected to be available from January 2021. The company said it is also exploring ways to set up an actual Model V Grading solution in Italy for the European market to trial. “It is a fairly ambitious plan, but we know there is a lot of demand for high accuracy grading in that part of the world. We would love to hear from these parties as this will help us better prepare”, said Mindhive.