In the quarter, total slaughter was up 23.2% to 1.03 million head, while total sales volume grew by 20.1% to 346,100 metric tons.

Gross revenue was up 12.9% in the quarter to R$7.69 billion (US$1.49 billion). For the Brazil business unit, gross revenue grew by 34.4% to R$3.9 billion (US$756.4 million), while Argentina was up 7% to R$1.02 billion (US$197.84 million), Colombia declined by 17% to R$286.5 million (US$55.57 million), Paraguay was up 7.9% to R$919.1 million (US$178.27 million), Uruguay fell by 10.4% to R$741.7 million (US$143.86 million), Australia was up 4.9% to R$510 million (US$98.9 million) and Others declined 30.1% to R$306.1 million (US$59.4 million).

EBITDA for the period totalled R$628.9 million (US$121.98 million), an increase of 18.2% year-on-year, with a margin of 8.8%.

Net income for the period was a loss of RS$186.2 million (US$36.11 million), against net income of R$114 million (US$22.11 million) in Q1 of 2023. Excluding currency variations, Minerva reports that net income would be R$79.8 million (US$15.5 million).