The affected workers are said to be employed by agency Gi Group, and individual decisions are to be made based on length of service, skill sets and disciplinary records. The Gi Group allegedly employs 950 of the approximately 4000 workers at the site. Those affected are employed full-time on the production line. BMW is reportedly preparing to move the Oxford manufacturing plant from a three-shift pattern to two shifts in October, following changes to its production forecast in light of the global downturn. Production capacity could be reduced from 1,000 cars per day to between 800 and 900. 

 “Like other automotive manufacturers, our volume forecasts for 2020 have had to change accordingly. We have, therefore, made the difficult decision to adjust our shift patterns at Mini Plant Oxford from October. This will give us the flexibility we need to adapt our production in the short to medium term, according to developments in global markets”, Bob Shankly, Human Resources Director, BMW Oxford, told the BBC media. “Our decision has been made after close discussion with trade union representatives and we are aware that our plans will have an impact on people during an uncertain and worrying time”, he added.

In total, the Oxford plant employs about 4,000 people and produced 222,340 Mini cars in 2019.

Source: BBC