Minimise cost per hide
Due to their optimised performance and high active content, Optitan retanning agents enable a reduction in application dosage (%). This leads to a reduction in the cost spent per hide and decreases environmental footprint, by benefiting from:
• Improved transport efficiency: optimised use of space per container and more efficiently loaded trucks
• Reduced stock: you need less product to achieve similar results
• Less bags to be handled
• Less packaging needed: less plastic waste

Minimise environmental impact
The new Optitan retanning agents are more sustainable, thanks to their efficiency of use. The levels of COD, salinity, electric conductivity and free monomers ending up in wastewater instead of in the crust, will all reduce significantly. The amount of Total Dispensed Solids is also minimised. This leads to less pressure on the environment, and lower costs of effluent treatment. Furthermore, all Optitan products meet the latest emission requirements; free formaldehyde is As both customers and regulations are demanding more responsible ways of producing leather, now is the time to switch to Optitan!

Optimise leather performance
The Optitan range combines minimised cost per hide and reduced environmental impact with state-of-the-art leather performance in terms of tightness, softness, fullness, dyeing, heat yellowing and light fastness profiles. That is why we call it ‘premium retanning’.

The Optitan premium retanning range
All of the products in the Optitan range are suitable for application for automotive, shoe uppers, bag leather, garments and upholstery. In addition, the four varieties all provide their own benefits for retanning:

SD 525, for improved grain tightness and filling looser structures
This retanning agent improves the grain tightness and fills the pockets.

TD 626, for tight leather structure
Optitan TD 626 was designed to tighten the leather structure, without compacting it.

VD 727, for a soft touch
This retanning agent gives leather a soft touch and a full, round handle.

XD 828, for a medium-soft handling
The fourth product in the Optitan premium retanning range gives leathers a medium-soft handle, without affecting dyeing.

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