In the first animation, MLA explains that methane produced by cattle is a natural part of the carbon cycle and fundamentally different from carbon dioxide from fossil fuels.

The series of five animations, being launched throughout the year, will tackle important topics such as nutrition, sustainability and traceability to address a growing desire for transparency around these topics by consumers.

MLA Managing Director Jason Strong reports that the red meat industry is doing more than most to be part of the climate solution: “In 2017, the red meat and livestock industry set the ambitious target to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 (CN30) which provides a framework to guide investment in technologies and research that will foster productivity and grow profitability throughout the red meat supply chain

“Agriculture has already done much of the heavy lifting on limiting carbon pollution with net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from red meat production less than half what they were in 2005, representing by far the greatest reduction by any sector of Australia’s economy.”

The animation series forms part of a broader program of community engagement work being undertaken by the MLA under the Australian Good Meat digital platform, which includes social media and direct promotion to schoolteachers for use in classrooms.