Moving towards carbon neutrality – opportunities for the Australian feedlot industry is funded by MLA and produced by Dr Stephen Wiedemann and Emma Longworth from Integrity Ag & Environment. The guide reportedly:

  • Defines carbon neutrality
  • Provides guidance on generating a carbon account for a feedlot
  • Reviews emission reduction strategies
  • Outlines the economics of carbon neutrality for Australian feedlots.

“Feedlots are an important part of the beef supply chain, providing a high level of production efficiency and lower GHG emissions per unit of feed intake and per kilogram of liveweight gain than grazing cattle,” Dr Wiedemann said.

“Many aspects of feedlot operations make emission mitigation more readily achievable, and consequently, feedlots have an important role in working towards the industry goal of carbon neutrality.”

Recently, MLA launched the first in a series of animations as part of a campaign around busting myths about the environmental impact of red meat production.