Premium quality product range

Modern does not compromise on quality, and R&D is at the core of the company, ensuring its commitment to provide premium quality products and services to its customers in the dyestuffs, pigments, inks, finishing and auxiliaries market segments. The chemical supplier follows a very comprehensive dual-dimensional customer satisfaction matrix, which incorporates both exceptional product quality and outstanding service to ensure it exceeds the highest level of satisfaction amongst its global customer base.

Company values

Commitment and professionalism are highly valued at Modern as customers are seen as long-term business partners instead of short-term commodity buyers. From initial product formulation to diligent lab testing to technologically advanced production to global logistics fulfillment, Modern delivers outstanding value.

Environmentally conscious

Modern puts enormous effort and considerable financial resources into protecting the environment as a “Green Business” through eco-friendly products, partners, and processes. As a ‘bluesign’ chemical supplier system partner, REACH member, Thailand Green Industry certification Level 4 company, and now with ZDHC Certification, Modern continues to deliver on its obligation to ensure environmental sustainability by reducing its chemical footprint.

Founded in 1990 and based in Thailand, Modern also has subsidiaries in China, Taiwan and the UK, with a sales workforce in more than 70 countries and regions.

*This article is an advertorial provided by Modern Dyestuffs & Pigments