Aiming to become a major meeting point for Spain’s footwear and accessories brands and specialised retailers, the trade event is to host the collections of over 400 different footwear brands and manufacturers, attracting international buyers from 70 different countries.

This is the first time Momad Shoes will be held separately from the multi-sector Momad Metrópolis show, where footwear was showcased along with textiles and accessories. During the September 2015 edition, the organisers reported a 60% increase on the floor space devoted to footwear as compared to the previous season.

Ifema, the show management, has decided to reorganise the shows by renaming them separately. Momad will be used as the umbrella brand for all of Ifema’s fashion shows, with the textile and accessories show now being known as Momad Metrópolis, and Momad Shoes as the International Footwear and Accessories show. 

Forthcoming editions at Feria de Madrid:

Momad Metrópolis:  February 5-7, 2016.

Momad Shoes: March 5-7, 2016.