Crafted in Italy and created for travellers, the brand new line of trolley cases comes in five different sizes. Montblanc has described the collection as “defined by high performance, sleek modern design and versatility and is a tribute to exploration and wanderlust”.

“It is exciting to announce that Montblanc has evolved its travel offering by introducing #MY4810, crafted to fit in with the lifestyles of those on the go. The new collection embraces the spirit of urban exploration and is an ultimate symbol of global mobility, pairing refined functionality and craftsmanship with modern and stylish design,” said Nicolas Baretzki, CEO, Montblanc.

In May, Montblanc dressed its Sartorial leather goods collection in a camouflage pattern, inspired by the prominent camo style trend. The capsule collection features two colour variations of the print in varying shades of grey or shades of blue. “The trendy pattern printed on Saffiano leather brings an unexpected twist to the clean aesthetics of Montblanc Sartorial, a collection defined by an effortless blend of traditional leather craftsmanship and modern elegance”, said Montblanc.