Marfrig said it has been notified that 14 of its employees at the Varzea Grande unit, Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, have been tested positive for Covid-19. According to the company, these were the first confirmed cases among its employees in the country. Minerva has reportedly tested its 730 employees at the Araguaina plant, state of Tocantins, and 55 workers were detected as asymptomatic carriers of the virus. The Araguaina unit started reducing the volume of slaughtering since March. According to Minerva, slaughter decreased from 750 to 650 heads a day during the first month of quarantine in Brazil, before declining to 500 heads daily.

BRF said in a statement that nearly 340 people, or 6.6% of workers, at its Concórdia plant in the state of Santa Catarina had tested positive for the virus. The meat processor has allegedly tested all of the 5,132 workers at the facility, which processes poultry and pork, with 93% of workers who tested negative having returned to work.

Sources: O Presente Rural/Reuters/KFGO