According to the report, the overall use of the most harmful chemicals is still growing but more slowly than the overall chemicals market growth.

However, the agencies say that more effort is needed to ensure that consumer products do not contain harmful substances, particularly in the form of more data around human and environmental exposure to those most harmful chemicals and their impacts.

The report centres around 25 new key indicators, published alongside the report, which monitor the drivers and impacts of chemical pollution in Europe. These will be regularly updated to monitor chemical pollution and measure the effectiveness of European chemicals legislation.

Sharon McGuinness, ECHA Executive Director, said: “The health of European citizens and our environment should be a priority and this first-ever benchmarking shows that while chemicals have a positive role to play in our lives, further action is urgently needed to address the risks posed by the use of unsafe and unsustainable substances. The knowledge that is being generated in this assessment will help us shift to safe and sustainable chemicals in the future.”

The full report can be found on the EEA website.