Yves Morin is Chief Executive Officer of CTC (France), the worldwide leader in quality assurance, consultancy and training for footwear, leather goods and glove industries.

The Executive Committee of UITIC is composed of international members: Vice President: Malek Khelil (Tunisia) – Treasurer: Enrique Montiel (Spain) – General Secretary: Françoise Nicolas (France) – Members: Serge Dulio (Italy) – Leandro De Melo (Portugal) – V.B. Parvatikar (India) – Martyn R.Shorten (USA) – Uwe Thamm (Germany)- Ricardo Guerra Sanchez (Mexico) and Li Yuzhong (China)

The UITIC aims to develop technical knowledge in the footwear industry in particular by organizing international conferences and setting up information exchanges between its members.

Between November 13-16, 2013, the UITIC organised its 18th International Technical Footwear Congress in Guangzhou, China. The Congress attracted more than 300 professionals and experts, from world’s biggest names in footwear and prestigious brands, met to discuss a critical topic for the future of the industry: Corporate Social Responsibility.