The new collection from the company, part of the Scottish Leather Group, is designed to help neurodiverse passengers locate their seats and process their environment.

It features a soothing monochromatic palette of greens, blues and neutrals along with digitally printed examples of signage and patterns. The collection also includes a variety of bespoke leather embosses, highlighting the importance of textures in curating a multi-sensory experience for neurodivergent travellers.

Muirhead also noted that the project underscores the importance of material choice in creating inclusive seating, as neurodivergent individuals often favour natural materials, as they offer a less invasive sensory experience than synthetic alternatives.

The company worked with Scottish disability consultancy VIA on the research and design process, and spoke directly with neurodivergent individuals who have faced barriers while travelling.

Jamie O’Donnell, Designer at Muirhead, said: “Air travel can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for neurodivergent individuals who tend to have heightened sensitivities compared to neurotypical travellers. Seat covers play a vital role in providing them with comfort and a sense of security, enabling them to better regulate their emotions onboard.

“While the industry is making strides towards accessible and inclusive cabin design, many current approaches tend to be overly medicalised or infantilising towards adults with non-visible disabilities. The inclusive cabin of the future must balance functionality with aesthetic appeal.”