N.T.G. is a company from Veneto, Italy, founded in the nineties, specialising in cutting uppers for footwear. The Company has some of the best quality shoe manufacturers among its customers, who are all guaranteed the highest quality product and just-in-time production. “Today, we boast top international customers, including: Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Chanel, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin,” explains Antonio Gobbi, Owner, N.T.G.

Continuous staff training and constant new technology research enable the company to continually offer services and solutions for all production processes. N.T.G. is always up-to-date with the latest technology and, since 2002, has chosen Elitron automatic cutting solutions. These precise state-of-the-art systems speed up the entire production process, even for the most difficult jobs, such as prototype development, sample production, prompt cutting of small batches, correcting models and articles before final approval.

Antonio Gobbi explains the reasons for this fruitful collaboration.

What is your concept of innovation and what must a Company to do in order to be defined as such?

AG: Innovation means continually looking and searching to understand how production can be improved in terms of both efficiency and quality, also questioning consolidated methodologies if needed.

We wouldn’t be able to work with top, very important, customers if we couldn’t guarantee the highest level of quality, reliability and performance. The “Brenta Riviera” geographic area has seen numerous investments from big brands in recent years. We gained their trust, delivering excellent outcomes.

Why did you choose Elitron?

AG: Our area is renowned for the production of high quality footwear, and many companies have invested in cutting systems. Prior to investing in Elitron, we closely observed other systems in action. After having seen them first-hand, we had a few reoccurring considerations; the systems were too complicated, particularly the CAD, and the operator would take too long to learn the system well. With Elitron there was an immediate sensation of knowing how to use the software, it’s intuitive and extremely user-friendly.

Can you describe the systems and any interesting options?

AG: Back in 2002 we purchased the first Elite K1 cutting system. Over the years we’ve been continually impressed by the high level of technology and quality from Elitron, and hence we invested first in the Booster cutting system. Today, we boast seven installations in our Company and, recently, we installed the highly productive Kudos 2.0, which is specifically engineered to optimise production, thanks to the automatic nesting of the shape to be cut onto synthetic materials with printed logos and textures.

What production problems have you resolved, and what new possibilities have you discovered with this innovative system?

AG: Elitron’s product range has improved the flexibility and efficiency of our whole production process. We can work non-stop, whilst guaranteeing the highest quality possible. We continue to invest in Elitron, which has allowed us to meet all the growing needs of our customers and has also resulted in our growth in recent years. Last but not least, the possibility of managing through Elitron Domino software all the trim department data, within the “Industry 4.0” requirements.

What should a company like yours do today to stand out in the footwear sector?

AG: Tools to win against the competition? Total quality, Made in Italy creativity and flexibility.

What about the future and new projects?

AG: We continually look outwards to understand and anticipate new challenges facing the market, and we use this future knowledge to study new methods and production strategies.