Consolidated revenues totalled €352 million in 2022, while the company achieved an EBITDA of €36 million or 10.1% of revenues, up by 0.6% year-on-year. The final result for Aeffe was a net loss of €9 million, compared with a net profit of €12 million in 2021.

Revenue from the company’s footwear and leather goods division totalled €163.6 million, with an increase of 16.9% year-on-year, while revenues from its ready-to-wear division amounted to €231.9 million, up by 5.3%.

Aeffe’s strongest growth by channel in 2022 came from retail, which was up by 22.6% and made up 25.1% of total sales at €88.5 million. Meanwhile, the wholesale channel totalled €248.6 million in revenue, representing 70.6% of total turnover and up by 4.1%.

The strongest growth by region came in America, which was up by 14% year-on-year to €24.6 million. Meanwhile, the company’s home market of Italy achieved growth of 9.4% to €144.6 million, representing 41.1% of turnover. Europe, with Italy excluded, totalled €117.8 million or 33.4% of turnover, and was up by 11.6%. Finally, Asia and the rest of the world were down by 0.5% at €65 million.

Massimo Ferretti, Executive Chairman of Aeffe, said: “We positively evaluate 2022 results and we are particularly satisfied with the investments implemented, including the finalisation of the Moschino direct distribution project in China, confident that the choices made will be reflected in a progression of both revenues and profitability in the medium term.

“With attention to the evolution of the market context and the related contingencies, the Group is still committed to strengthening the development plans of the proprietary brands both at a commercial level and in terms of optimisation of the corporate and organisational structure.”