The book is aimed at a wide audience from researchers and application technicians to students and teachers, to help them understand the full spectrum of leather chemistry in an accessible way.

With simple and effective concepts, practice application processes and 442 bibliographical references, Chemistry of Leather Manufacturing aims to provide a concise source for the leather industry.

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About the authors

Ramón Palop Arroyo has a degree in Chemical Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid and a PhD from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. During his career, has has been Technical Director for wool skins company C.I.E.S.A. and Director of R&D&I at Cromogenia’s Tanning Application Laboratory.

He continues to work as a technical advisor for the tanning industry and authored around 180 articles across national and international magazines. He is also the author of the book Technology and Manufacturing of the Double Face.

David Sabaté Rojas trained at the Escola d’Ingenyeria d’Igualada of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. His tanning career began at just eight years old, joining his father at tanners in Central and South America where he was a Tanning Technician.

He trained for three years at Cromogenia’s Tanning Application Laboratory and has worked across the industry for 20 years before his current role at chemicals business Stahl as Global Beamhouse Technical Manager.